Configure, customize and factory reset your new Drop ALT Keyboard (easily)

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I recently started a new hobby, and I thought it would be great to write articles to help those ones entering it so it is no so harsh the initial landing. In fact I am thinking about making a website with series of articles about all the hobbies and passions I have acquired throughout the years (maybe soon, maybe). Well, I don’t want this to be a super long rambling article, I want it to be helpful and effective to the uninitiated, like me.

Must-have tools

Please don’t continue without completing these steps, your life will become miserable very soon if you do. Also please make sure to check Drop’s own guide for all the basic stuff.



Linux Distros

‘Factory’ reset

The ALT comes with a profile setup already ‘loaded’ to the PCB (printed circuit board) AKA (the motherboard-looking thing with the ‘little streets’ circuits).

This profile can be found here. You simply have to click the COMPILE & DOWNLOAD button. Once you do that you will have a request to download a file with a .bin extension. (currently with the name massdrop_alt_preset_alt__default.bin)

It is at this moment that you will have to install a loader software that they give you (to be continued…i promise :)




I am a software developer with many many hobbies. Perhaps coding is another one :)

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Andy Gonzalez

Andy Gonzalez

I am a software developer with many many hobbies. Perhaps coding is another one :)

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